Guidelines for Children

For Visiting the Farm with ChildrenIt is our wish that everyone who comes to the Farm has a healthy and happy experience. We thought it would be helpful to provide Guidelines, which will make your visit here safe for the farm, the animals and the people.

Please respect that no one is allowed in any animal pens or buildings without a Farmer, not even adults. Animals, even babies, are unpredictable and it is best for the sake of the children to keep a watchful eye.  Parents or guardians should be with the children at all times. Large farm equipment, hay stacks and ponds can be hazards.

 Going “out back” past the end of the lane where the pigs live into the equipment storage area is off limits. The pond area, by the big cottonwood trees, is the area in which to have a picnic lunch or relax on store days. The Yurts (the round canvas buildings) are people’s homes, so please do not go inside of them. Our “public” area, along with the Distribution Center, is the Guidestone Garden and we have tried to make it a pleasant place for you.

Drinking water is available from the sinks in the Distribution Center. For muddy hands, a water faucet is located in the Guidestone Garden. We have two Sunny Johns (outhouses): west of the Distribution Center, and out by the Pond.

Please note that the Farm “public time” is Saturdays from 1-5 pm. If you happen to be here on other days for milk pick-ups, the Farmers nap from noon to 2 pm (milkers get up at 4:30 am) so the farm should be quiet during those hours.

We “close” the farm at 5 pm each day. This is the time the Farmers enjoy the peacefulness of the farm and being “at home” when all the animals are fed and the work is done. So please, plan to have your pick up completed by that time.

We appreciate the ways in which you bless this farm, the animals and the people with your presence here. Thank You!   Please Ask a Farmer if you have any questions.

NOTE: Sunday is our “day of rest” and we ask that no visitors
come to the farm on that day.