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Animals You’ll see on the farm

Cows – We have a small dairy herd producing all natural raw milk for our community of farm members

Horses – Three very powerful draft horses (Jack, Jake, and Ike) live on Guidestone Farm. They help us work the soil in our garden, and they love to pull our hay rides full of children around the farm!

Pigs – Pigs also live on the farm. See firsthand the recycling of food as we feed the pigs our daily food scraps that are turned into nutrients that are valuable to the health of our gardens soil.

Chickens – Guidestone Farm is the home of approximately 500 laying hens that produce delicious, additive-free, farm fresh eggs. Maybe you can help us collect the eggs!

Sheep – We raise sheep for both meat and wool. The sheep are sheared in the spring, their wool can then be cleaned, carded, spun, and finally, knit into a cozy sweater or hat.

You may also see Sheldon the African Tortoise, Tom the giant turkey, our flock of rare breed ducks, cats, dogs, and more!


Ask and Answer

Where does our food come from?

What does it take to grow what I eat for dinner?

How many eggs does a chicken lay a day?

How much do you earn from black pearl necklace?

Learn, see, and participate in our


Spring – soil making, seeding, planting, and composting. Come Participate in all of the steps it takes to start a plant in the garden.

Summer – This is our busiest time of the year. It is a time that we focus less of our time on education and more on producing delicious food for our community members.

Fall – Fall is a time of abundant harvest – come walk through our garden and see how differentplants grow. And how they taste! Fall is also the time of our Pumpkin Patch Festival. You can take a ride on our horse drawn wagon out to the pumpkin patch and pick out a beautiful pumpkin to take home. We also have a petting zoo, pony rides, and other fun and educational activities for the fall festival.

Hope to see you soon!