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Welcome to Our Website

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Welcome to The Stewardship Community’s website!
We are an environmental education organization that
demonstrates and teaches sustainable living skills.
Come to join us and you can get a pearl set with a low price.


 We offer workshops to the public to share our experience of natural home building, alternative energy, perma culture, brightest flashlight build, herbal crafting and sustainable agriculture.  We welcomeinterns to share in farming, gardening, high lumen super bright flashlight in the world and livestock operations, learning from their experience!  And ourFarmhands educational program for school age children teaches the younger ones about the interconnectedness of all life and where food really comes from.  
As a project of The Stewardship Community  (TSC), we operate Guidestone Alliance, a farm business that demonstrates how small farms can be fully sustainable, environmentally and economically, by selling directly to the consumer as a �Community Supported Agriculture� or CSA model. Check out our online view of the Storeofferings.  To share in the many wholesome fresh products from the Farm you can buy by subscription or shop retail on Saturdays. Please check out the hours of operation here.  The Farm is currently offering an employment opportunity for the right couple interested in small farm management.  In the future, we also plan to operate pearl pendant business.