Biodiesel Fuel Workshop

Produced by Solar Energy International

September 9-13, 2002

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Learn the fundamentals of this renewable fuel source that can be used in any diesel engine.
Participants will make biodiesel fuel with locally available materials and learn how to make a biodiesel processor to make their own biodiesel.

A biodiesel/vegetable oil hybrid vehicle will be on site that starts on biodiesel, then once warm will run on straight vegetable oil.

There will also be discussion and practical knowledge on how to convert your own diesel engine.

Topics Include:

– How biodiesel is made.
– Materials needed to make a small-scale biodiesel processor.
– Making and using biodiesel in both home and commercial applications.
– Converting diesel engines to run off diesel/biodiesel and straight vegetable oil.
– Biofuel production and bio-lubricants.
– Engine care when using biodiesel.
– Large-scale biodiesel production.
– Advances in biodiesel technology.

Fee:  $550

Guest Instructor:

Joshua Tickell – author of “From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank” and numerous Home Power magazine articles.

“Very well done. The connections created at this workshop could very well “fuel” the grassroots biodiesel movement in this country.”

– Casey Nolan. Missoula, MT, 2001 Biofuels participant

Produced by:

Solar Energy International
PO Box 715
76, South 2nd Street
Carbondale, Colorado 81623

Hosted at:

Guidestone Farm & CSA Garden – Center for Sustainable Living
5943 North County Road 29
Loveland Colorado 80538

Accomodations available at:

Sunrise Ranch Conference Center
5569 North County Road 29
Loveland Colorado 80538

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Permaculture Design Workshop

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Natural Home Building and the “Sunny John” Solar Moldering Toilet

Robert Laporte, John Cruickshank and Ed Haimes

John Cruickshank, a permaculture instructor for the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute. He specializes in alternative technologies that include passive energy systems and natural building features. His unique designs are demonstrated in a number of buildings on site. Ed Haimes is a builder and carpenter with 25 years experience in the Colorado area. Haimes Construction specializes in natural building and features a variety of earth friendly technologies including straw bale construction, straw clay wall, timber framing, earth-coupled floors and earthen-clay plasters. His most recent building is the straw-bale Distribution Center at Guidestone CSA Farm.

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The first Sunny John was built at Guidestone CSA Farm in 1993 and serves as a primary facility for both staff and visitors. With the cost of materials at $600 it has proven to be economical as well as functional, allowing the ongoing recycling of human waste in the form of compost to be returned back to the land. This unique design was developed by John Cruickshank and has become popular with individuals who are seeking simple off the grid approaches to living. This design includes both energy recycling technologies as well as natural building features. For all full time participants, a complete set of plans for building your own “Sunny John” will be provided as part of the workshop. 1993 consulting, plans, next workshop?
Straw Bale Construction Ed Haimes, John Cruickshank 1995
Wood Fired Brick Oven Alan Scott of Ovencrafters 1997 $350


You are welcome to camp on our land for free (bring tent), or you can make reservations at the Sunrise Ranch Conference Center by calling (970) 679-4550

MEALS: B-$4,L-$5,D-$6

For more information contact TSC:

The Stewardship Community
5943 N. County Road 29 Loveland, Colorado 80538 phone: (970) 461-0241 email: