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The Stewardship Community 

Our Statement of Purpose:

Our purpose is to offer an example of appropriate land stewardship, to inspire a sacred connection between people and the land, and to invite people from both urban and rural environments to participate in creating a food economy which promotes health and social responsibility. The Stewardship Community fulfills its goals by demonstrating and teaching the model outlined below:


Guidestone CSA Farm and Center for Sustainable Living is a project of TSC that is a fully diversified working organic farm with vegetable garden and livestock, demonstrating sustainability economically and environmentally




Guidestone is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model where people are members of the farm sharing the risks and rewards of the farm in partnership with the farmer. CSA’s were first started in this country in 1985 and are now by the hundreds all across North America.

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As a member of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, we work to save rare farm animal breeds from extinction by including some rare breeds of farm animals in our livestock program. We teach “Noah’s Ark Today” to many students who come to our farm.


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A project of TSC is the Rocky Mountain Land Trust which works to save farmland from being developed . Land Trusts have mostly been recognized for conserving land in its natural state. Farm land is being lost in this country at an alarming rate as well, and the RMLT is designed to save working farm lands from being sold for development by purchasing development rights and helping the farmer keep the land in agricultural production.


It is not enough to only farm organically on the land. TSC demonstrates and teaches sustainable living skills by its natural home-building technologies and alternative energy technologies in the new building that is occurring on the farm. Examples are a straw-bale distribution center with an earth cooled pantry, straw-bale passive solar greenhouse, and a timber-framed- sod roofed- solar moldering toilet.

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David Lynch, the agricultural director, is nationally recognized as an inspirational speaker for the sustainable agriculture movement. He was a founding member of The Stewardship Community in 1988 and helped start COPA (Colorado Organic Producers Association). The Stewardship Community has sponsored many conferences and workshops around the topic of sustainable farming and earth stewardship.


Our internship program is a hands-on experience in all areas of the agriculture operation, although interns can choose to specialize in CSA gardening, animal husbandry or organic farming. For more info on internships click on the icon below.

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